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A game made during Classy Games Jam # 1 by Dan Acri, Denny Pahlke, Mikkel Rohde, Lorne Cyr, Luke Rapkin, Riccardo Mazzieri, Jarrod Terry, Ace Wade and Damiano Pedoni.

Story Overview

You get sent out by Doctor Kolben to explore the depths of the Sirena Deep in the first manned mission down that way. The year is 2019. On your way you come across things that the exploring drones before you missed by a long shot. Determined to find the secrets of the Sirena Deep, you descend further into the depths. A glowing aura of something sinister grows ever near. On your way you seem to come across old stone tablets, which you don’t know if they are made by humans or something else. Arriving at the bottom, you see what you can only identify as a beautiful, sunken city.

Game Mechanics

- Submarine Movement

- Cockpit Camera

- Boost

- Item Hooks

- Immersive Sounds

In Sirena Deep you will experience numerous mechanics with a cockpit that comes to life. Features such as a pressure meter, boost, sonar, and item hooks will make you truly feel like you are driving a mini-sub deep within the ocean. 

Be aware, you will enter areas that have not yet been explored, so there is no telling what you may find during your journey.

Additional Info

We highly recommend players wear a set of nice headphones when playing this game. You will get to enjoy the audio even more this way.

This game supports Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers (tested and verified on Windows build). Although it will work, it is recommended to have the controller usb cable plugged into your machine before launching the game.

We hope you enjoy exploring as much as we enjoyed creating this.


Post Jam build is now published and features a variety of improvements/updates including:

- Brightness option within game pause menu

- Performance improvements

- Audio fading improvements between scenes and events

- Improved lighting during artifact inspection

- Increased sub cabin lighting


Sirena Deep.zip 85 MB
Sirena Deep - Post Jam.zip 85 MB

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